Volunteer with Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi wants and needs you, your talents and special skills. Your active participation as an alumni volunteer for Alpha Kappa Psi ensures the continued innovation, progress and success of our Fraternity. Volunteer opportunities range from serving a single chapter to serving the entire organization.

Volunteer Opportunities

Review the complete list of standing volunteer roles within AKPsi; including basic responsibilities and time commitments.

Volunteer Resources

Certified Fraternity Volunteer

Take your volunteering to the next level by becoming a Certified Fraternity Volunteer (CFV). A CFV is an Alpha Kappa Psi volunteer that has successfully mastered the topics around good volunteer resource management and has passed the certification test.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Review the specific job descriptions of offical AKPsi Volunteers.

Volunteer Roster Update Form

Add or remove volunteers from your regional or chapter roster.

Volunteer Training Requirements

Volunteers must complete the appropriate and applicable training per the guidelines.

Become an AKPsi Volunteer

Speakers Bureau

Lifelong learning is one of Alpha Kappa Psi’s core values. As a professional fraternity, we utilize speakers at a majority of our events when providing educational opportunities for our student and alumni members. 

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our fraternity. Volunteering in any capacity allows you to share your talents and skills to better our members. Sign up to provide your expertise and experience at the local, regional or fraternity-wide level.


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